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Nathan Sykes is the bane of my existence.... + SEMI-HIATUS

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I don’t like Dionne either. Probably didn’t like her before ANY of you. I have other reasons besides Nathan BUT that does NOT give me the right to send her hate, tell her to kill herself or slander her character out in public or the social media. The fanmily needs to pull it’s shit together because right now, you all are fucking pissing me off. It shouldn’t matter what she does and how she goes about it. Are you here for her and drama or are you here to support Nathan and the boys? You are here for THE WANTED ok, not Dionne Bromfield and the sooner you figure that shit out, the better. Jay said fans are fickle, and I truly respect him. That nigga doesn’t show it completely but he’s smart as shit and spot on with his analysis. You ALL are fickle. Decide where your loyalties are ok? Would you rather hurt Nathan so you can fuel Dionne or support Nathan and not even mess with Dionne? She is her own person and just like you, is entitled to say whatever the fuck she wants. You guys are always playing the blame game and blaming her but you do know she’s not a fucking adult. She’s only 17. The same age as me. Think about it like that. She is still an adult as well and is growing and learning and you guys sicken me. Just because she’s “famous” doesn’t enable you to say shit about her and not call it cyber-bullying. That’s what it is- bullying. You guys are acting like a shit ton of bullies and I’m frankly tired of it. We’re the mature fandom right? Well right now, you load are acting like the new batch of Directioners and that really scares me because I don’t want to have to be ashamed to be in this fandom. I don’t want to say that  I love TW, just not all the fans like I do with 1D. Don’t let this ruin our fandom. It’s all in your hands whether you believe it or not. I didn’t ever like Dionne, but now, after I see all the shit you so called fans are saying to her, I’m going to go follow her on twitter and make an effort to get to know her comprehensively before I judge her and you should do the same. Practice what you preach and trust me when I say this fandom preaches A LOT about not bullying and being rude but you guys are a bunch of hypocrites. Prove me wrong- please, I beg of you, do it. And to address another issue, don’t be so fucking naive as to say the boys have never lied to you- of course they have. But regardless, don’t let her phase you and don’t fuel her. Leave her alone and she’ll do the same. 


The Wanted memories:

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2010 - 2013

Found you in a river of pure emotions…

The Wanted doesn’t have fans, they say.

I was lost, till I found you +

Reactions to fan [girl] mobs in the alternative I Found You music video (x).

Paintball with The Wanted