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Nathan Sykes is the bane of my existence.... + SEMI-HIATUS



The memory of being here with you, is one I’m gonna take my life through.

special thanks to Zhen for letting me use one of her edits + one of the edits I made for her.

@birdspottingPeace and love. Admiring some local art. #DeepThoughts #Introspection #FU


Jessie J: He [Nathan] had fun! He started to do his like church dance routine, and I was like so this is what we’re doing, huh? So I started copying him! (x)

So um…any blog suggestions. It’s been a while and I’m getting back in the game and only follow like 20 blogs soo um yeah, help a sistah out?

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birdspotting: Wanderlust juices kicking in... Follow your feet little birds. (Or wings I guess?)


The Wanted + VHS edits (part 1)